Easybook.com – Largest Land Travel Ticketing Website in South East Asia

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Although flying is affordable now, there are still times when travelling by land is my preferred mode of transportation. Although it might take longer, land travel is more relaxing and more importantly, comfortable in comparison to air travel. There are plenty of options to travel within and out of Malaysia to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

You could take the train or bus, then opt to rent a car at your destination. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop website to search and book bus and train tickets and even take care of car rentals? Well look no further than easybook, an online booking platform to customers from Malaysia and Singapore.

Besides having more than 110 well-known coach companies on board, easybook.com also allows you to book KTM train tickets online, as well as providing car rental services with competitive rates online. For me, one of the major draws of using easybook is that you can do all these bookings with one single account, so you don’t have to manage multiple logins and passwords.

The website is downright easy to use since it is designed to have a similar interface with many major online booking systems for air tickets. Just choose your departing and arriving destinations, dates, number of people and walla – the system shows you all the possible schedules, companies, ratings along with the prices.

Another feature that I like about easybook’s website is that it’s very responsive without too many postbacks. Speaking as a programmer, that’s user friendliness for you. You can filter, sort and modify your bookings in the same page without having to refresh it.

For first time users, the website also features a FAQ section and a detailed “How to Book Tickets” guide which outlines the step-by-step process (with photos) to purchase your tickets. For mobile users, the easybook mobile app is also available in major smartphone platforms such as Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Have fun planning your next ‘balik kampung’ trip!

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