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Make Room For Everyone this Raya IKEA

To me, IKEA has always been more than a furniture store. It is a cool alternative place to hang out besides the mall and we always try to enjoy a cuppa and some of their delicious curry puffs at the cafeteria before heading home.
For some reasons, I have always remembered all my trips to IKEA – whether it’s just for ‘jalan-jalan’, actually buying furniture or having a tea break. In fact, we have even been to their stores in Causeway Bay (Hong Kong) and Tampines (Singapore) too!

IKEA Malaysia Online Catalog

IKEA offers quality and functional products at inexpensive prices. This is the main reason we prefer to shop at IKEA compared to the normal furniture shop.
Furthermore, their online catalog is constantly updated with new products and prices, so you can plan your shopping ahead. In fact, most of the furniture in our master bedroom was purchased from IKEA, and due to the fact that we had to assemble all the furniture ourselves, it created more fond memories for us.
I will always remember the Sunday afternoon when SL and I spent the whole Sunday afternoon assembling our bed, wardrobe and cabinets in the room with full blast air-conditioning.
Even as I am typing right now, I am sitting on a chair I bought from IKEA almost 6 years ago, which is still in perfect condition today save for some scratches here and there.

With the upcoming Hari Raya season, celebrate and make room for everyone this Raya by transforming your kitchen and dining area into a harmonious space of sharing. IKEA has everything you need for you to prep and feast, so you’ll be able to share your delicious Raya meals with more loved ones. How?Check out IKEA’s video above!

IKEA Hari Raya Products

Whether it’s last minute hiccups, part-hosting anxiety or overcrowding, you will be at peace of mind and have less worries for your epic Raya feast with IKEA. Plan out your special occasions effortlessly and accommodate any unexpected changes easily with IKEA products.
So even if your family’s extended family decides come over this Hari Raya, there won’t be any problem at all and you can concentrate on being the host.

Disclaimer: This post has been presented by IKEA but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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