Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities @ Starhill Culinary Studio, KL

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A new communication campaign titled “Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities” was launched by Panasonic Malaysia a few days ago at Starhill Culinary Studio. This meaningful campaign aims to provide a sense of enjoyment and create close bonds among family members through food preparation and cooking process. This could be achieved with 3 simple key words, Connect the family ties through Healthy eating habits, using Panasonic Cooking products to Create mouth watering dishes.


Not only the wide range of cooking appliances are suitable for all levels of expertise, they are also designed to fit into the Malaysians’ fast and busy lifestyles. And for them, preparing and enjoying a home cooked meal is perhaps one of the best ways to spend quality time together.


On that day, Panasonic Cooking introduced a completely new and refreshing concept for the kitchen appliances series, which includes several new comers such as the Espresso Machine, Wide Tube Juicer, Hand Blender and Kettle to their already strong and popular line-up.


Being an avid coffee drinker, the fully automatic espresso machine appealed the most to me. It’s good to know that Panasonic understands the needs of current consumers when it comes to purchasing machines in the kitchen – they should be easy to maintain and compact in size for maximum space efficiency. But, even though the stylish espresso machine looks small it certainly does not lack in features.
The advanced touch screen operation is so simple and straightforward that using it is an intuitive process. You could also adjust the coffee strength (indicated by the number of beans), milk proportion and amount of foamed milk according to your liking. A memory module is available to store up to four combinations of settings, so your favorite cuppa is only a single touch away. I had a few cups of espresso dispensed by the machine and wasn’t disappointed by the flavor, it’s fine and smooth alright.


Besides getting to see Panasonic’s latest models of kitchen appliances, another highlight of the day was the cooking demonstration by Dato’ Fazley Yaakob – the first champion of MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia. He prepared three quick and healthy dishes using the hand blender (which could be doubled as a chopper and whisk too) and microwave oven. The microwave oven’s double heater technology allows it to have a flat and wide cavity to fit more food at once. This feature also greatly shortens the cooking time and saves energy, great for busy people who want to prepare delicious yet time-saving meals.


The last appliance to be demonstrated was the Wide Tube Juicer, which features a 75mm Big Feeder Tube that could swallow whole fruit and vegetables, so there is no need to pre-cut or chop. Although this is a common feature for many juicers in the market, I guess it’s better late than never for the loyal supporters of Panasonic kitchen appliances.

** All mentioned products except the espresso machine are available nationwide at Panashop and major electronics retailers nationwide. The NC-ZA1 Espresso Machine, Hand Blender and Kettle are scheduled to be available in the market by December 2013.

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