Wild and Wonderful Asian Fruit Smoothies

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** Guest post by Analise King. Analise is a travelling food writer who spends as much time as possible in Asia.

Living in tropical Southeast Asia definitely has its benefits. One of them is being able to tan all year round. Another is the abundance of juicy, vibrantly-coloured and weird-looking fruit. This tastes like nothing you have ever tried before! Also, Asian fruit is cheap to buy here, so it’s easy to conjure up some juices and smoothies that taste like manna from the gods.

Jack Fruit

A vibrant, green-coloured oval-shaped fruit that tastes a little like sherbet and a tiny bit like kiwifruit. The strong burst of flavour combinations in the mouth naturally works in well with other fruit juice blends, and with crushed ice. The more daring and intrepid traveler should try adding some vodka or Midori to the mix to watch the jack fruit smoothie come alive.

Dragon Fruit

One of the most visually-appealing and exotic looking fruits you will find. The fiery bright pink skin has sharp nodules like flames and contains white flesh that’s spotted through with black seeds. Not only does it look beautiful, it tastes great too. Similar to kiwi fruit, although not as sour and more sweet and subtle, dragon fruit is great for an afternoon snack by itself, or blended into a yoghurt and soy milk smoothie.


Rambutan is the most versatile of Asian fruits and can be eaten raw, added as a sweetener to stir-fries, or chopped into salad. It looks rather freakish, with its green spikes emanating from a tough vividly red skin. Cut through the outer layer though and underneath there’s a delicate and succulent fruit. This flesh is sweet and juicy and can be likened to a grape, although the seed in the centre of the flesh leaves an unusual rasping feeling on the tongue. All in all, it’s an excellent idea to peel and chop rambutan into a fruit smoothie. The delicate flavour of the rambutan works well together with the refreshing and fiery zing of ginger and carrot. This is a great revival drink after a long and hot Southeast Asian afternoon.
The recipe for relaxing during midsummer in Southeast Asia is simple. Mix up an amazing smoothie of Asian fruits; string up a hammock under the cool shade of a tree; and take a good book so that you can chill out completely!

Images: jack fruit vendor by flöschen and rambutan by salker_d90 used under creative commons licence

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