8 Types of Food Blog I Never Read

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Firstly, just let me say that this post is not directed at any particular food blog out there. If anyone feels offended, I can only say “siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas” If you have been following my blog long enough (thank you) you should know that I almost never comment on anything other than food, travel and photography.
Over the years, the number of food blogs in Malaysia has mushroomed so much because everyone wants, and can be a food blogger now. As long as you have a blog with a food related post, you can call yourself a food blogger.
If you are a reader, I hope this post will bring you awareness of the types of food blogs out there, and also learn to identify which are the reliable and trustworthy ones. If you own a food blog or planning to start one, well these are simply some useful tips for you. Lastly, if you are a restaurant owner, be careful of any soliciting bloggers and make sure the bloggers you invite have a good reputation. They may make or even break your name without you realizing it. So the 8 types of food blogs I never read are:

  1. Food blogs that have really bad photos. The main selling point of a food blog is the photos’ quality whether you like it or not. You may have the best food writing skill in the world but if your photos are bad, it makes no difference, really.
    Well, you don’t need to be a world class photographer armed with a dSLR, but your blog’s photos should be at least clear and presentable. I always have the urge to remove my old posts because of those hideous photos I took, honest.
  2. Blogs with background music. I swear no matter how good your blog (or website) is, the moment I hear something playing in your blog there’s only one thing I will do – clicking my browser’s close button.
  3. Food blogs that are uninformative (eg. lack of food pricing, address, business hours, contact) Unless you are rich, price is a huge factor when it comes to eating. And when you are not including the foods’ prices, we the readers are not able to decide whether we could afford the restaurant.
  4. Food blogs that have photos of the bloggers or their friends eating in EVERY single article. Narcissist much?
  5. Blogs (of any niche) that serve Advertlets ads. Advertlets is notorious for paying the publishers late and I have experienced it before first hand. I won’t label them as scam as yet, but to see any blogger supporting Advertlets leave a bad taste in my mouth. Only ignorant bloggers would still be supportive of Advertlets so I have zilch confidence in them, moreover to trust their writings.
  6. Food blogs that feature invitational meals more than anything else. To me, the main differences between reading a blog and a newspaper article’s are individuality and honesty. It is a known fact that any restaurant featured in the newspaper would always serve the best food, negative remarks will never appear. So when you are not digging into your own pocket to pay for the meal you are writing, anything you claim in the so-called “review” is to be taken with a HUGE pinch of salt.
  7. Personally I have nothing against food bloggers No.6 because I myself have been there and done that. But I feel bloggers who attend invitational meals should make it known (either using “Invited” category, or at least make a mention) for ethical reasons. The 7th type of food blogs I never read is those that disguise invitational meals as self-paid ones, or those that try to hide the fact that they were invited.
  8. The worst kind of food bloggers are those who solicit either new or established restaurants with favorable “reviews” in return for a free meal. These are the kind of food blogs you should beware. In some extreme cases, which I have heard personally from restaurant owners, some food bloggers even enter the restaurants DEMANDING free food or they are gonna write bad stuff.
    That being said, I am particularly ashamed by some Penang food bloggers. If you read food blogs frequently enough especially those based in Penang you will definitely know what I am talking about.

Well, that’s how much I have to say. And it seems like I am making a lot of complaints about others lol. But if you have any complaints or suggestions regarding this blog, I really welcome you to leave a comment. I promise I won’t delete any negative remarks just like I have always do. Unless if you are being rude or use any vulgar or profane languages.

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