My blog appeared in The Star newspaper!

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Today I had a spike in my blog’s traffic, almost 5 times the usual number of visitors. Considering it’s Sunday and it is also the day of the week I receive the least visitors, it was weird. So I checked the traffic referrers and surprisingly, it was TheStar online! They put up an article I wrote some time ago regarding Long Beach Cafe and the chicken chop I had. Woo hoo I am so excited, get the article here.


This is the full excerpt of the article:

Popular with tourists


Long Beach Cafe in Penang serves excellent chicken chop, writes blogger vkeong from Bukit Mertajam.

ACCORDING to blogger vkeong, there are a few interesting food outlets in Batu Feringghi, Penang, and Long Beach Cafe is one of them.

“Among all the cafes there, I think this has got to be the one with the most number of foreign customers. So the food here is more expensive than the usual in Penang.

“Because of the big number of tourists here, even locals are sometimes mistaken for foreigners. The owner of the grilled seafood stall kept talking to me in English until I replied him in Hokkien.

“The cafe serves stingrays, crabs, prawns and squids. They, however, do not serve clams.

“The Kam Heong Squid is RM10. It tasted good and went very well with rice.

“The Pineapple Fried Rice is priced at RM5. It is nothing to shout about except that the ingredients are aplenty!

“I have to try their Tuna Fried Rice one day. The dish sounds weird but who knows, it may be really good.

“The Spring Roll costs RM3 per piece, which I feel is quite expensive. To me, it’s pretty ordinary, stuffed with Chinese sausages and vegetables.

“Chicken Chop costs RM7. It comes in a big portion and tastes just yummy!”

After this I went to search the newspaper for the article and it was really there in the Sunday Metro version! I am going to cut out the hard copy version from the paper lol. For me it’s such a honor for being featured in the paper, I’ve always regarded myself as the small fish in food blogging lol. Thanks to the person who submitted my blog, this really made my day!

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