My first ever Advertlets cashout RM102


Today I received a mail from HSBC. It was weird as I do not have any dealings with HSBC at all. When I opened it and saw the cheque I immediately remembered it was my cash out from Advertlets back in 16th October 2007.


The amount ain’t too much, as I only wanted to test how fast they pay. And I have been seeing bad experiences from other bloggers and the CPM rate lately is really low for me. My intention of starting a blog is not primarily on earning money. But it’d be nice to have some side income to help pay for the hosting/domain and the food I’ve been blogging -_-


Well it took 2 months to reach me. It’s a bit slow but I am happy nonetheless because they are still paying. So if you have a cash out around October and yet to receive it, be patient. I am sure it is on the way to your postbox now :D


What do I plan to do with the money? Hmm.. I think I will go for a nice meal with Siang Leng using the money lol. I have 1 pending cash out and another coming soon, so please hurry up Advertlets, thanks again! Anyway, I receive all the pending payments I am going to drop all Advertlets ads on my blog in favor of Nuffnang. I think they are currently the best in Malaysia.

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  1. @New Kid On The Blog, jia you! When you cash out, please post too okayyyy

    @Prim3, long time no c indeed…. still got some ppl dunno my identity ma, better keep it while I can. You come here juz to promote your new blog la, lolz

    @syia, thanks! Glad to know you enjoyed it.. nothing motivates me to update my blog any more than comments like this. Appreciated it :)

  2. Hi Vkeong, how long does it take for you to reach RM102 in payout if you don’t mind me asking? I have a lot of Malaysian traffic and would like to monetize. Thanks and let me know, you can reply to my email since this might be confidential information. Thanks!


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