My first Google Adsense Cheque

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I finally managed to earn my first $100 with Google Adsense after nearly 3 years of blogging! I think for most bloggers, earning the first Adsense cheque from Google is what they would want to achieve the most. Thank you Google!


Based on current Ringgit-US Dollar exchange rate, it’s only RM300++.. maybe even less after all the transaction fees. I sure missed the old days when 1USD = RM3.80! Although there are many alternatives to Google Adsense like Nuffnang and Advertlets.. I will stick to Google Adsense no matter what.

adsense cheque

Anyway, I plan to use the money subsidize my own petrol usage. With the recent petrol price hike, don’t think I can cope with eating out so often anymore. Any extra money better put aside for savings and emergency use. So, do you earn with Google Adsense? Have you gotten your first Adsense cheque, or are you half way there? All the best earning with Google :)

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