Vkeong.com changed hosting

serverfreak web hosting malaysia

Past few weeks have been a disaster for my blog. My hosting always went down and I lost a lot of traffic. So I have since changed my hosting provider and am struggling to keep my blog intact. As you may have seen the theme is now the default WordPress theme..

Seems like there is a problem with my old theme, so I have to troubleshoot it. Sigh..

That being said, avoid Hive hosting (www.hive.com.my) at all cost. They screwed my blog up a lot of times already. Now I am using Server Freak, super good and responsive support. Thanks goldfries for suggesting me this.

*If you are looking at the old website with all those 404 errors, please bear with it and wait till the DNS propagation is complete. It’d usually take less than 24 hours to complete. Thanks for visiting my blog again!

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