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Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities @ Starhill Culinary Studio, KL


A new communication campaign titled “Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities” was launched by Panasonic Malaysia a few days ago at Starhill Culinary Studio. This meaningful campaign aims to provide a sense of enjoyment and create close bonds among family members through food preparation and cooking process. This could be achieved with 3 simple key words, Connect the family ties through Healthy eating habits, using Panasonic Cooking products to Create mouth watering dishes.

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Wild and Wonderful Asian Fruit Smoothies

** Guest post by Analise King. Analise is a travelling food writer who spends as much time as possible in Asia.

Living in tropical Southeast Asia definitely has its benefits. One of them is being able to tan all year round. Another is the abundance of juicy, vibrantly-coloured and weird-looking fruit. This tastes like nothing you have ever tried before! Also, Asian fruit is cheap to buy here, so it’s easy to conjure up some juices and smoothies that taste like manna from the gods.

Jack Fruit

A vibrant, green-coloured oval-shaped fruit that tastes a little like sherbet and a tiny bit like kiwifruit. The strong burst of flavour combinations in the mouth naturally works in well with other fruit juice blends, and with crushed ice. The more daring and intrepid traveller should try adding some vodka or Midori to the mix to watch the jack fruit smoothie come alive.

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Mitsubishi Electric L4 Grande – Large French Door Refrigerator

I don’t usually attend product events but when I do, it is because I hold genuine interest in the product. I am actually planning to get a new refrigerator soon so when Mitsubishi Electric invited me as one of the bloggers for their L4 Grande event, I thought, why not? But before we dive into the nitty-gritty specifications of the L4 Grande, just know that it is a large and luxurious French door refrigerator designed to meet the needs of the modern consumers. These needs are answered with the five main features of the L4 Grande – Big Capacity, Easy to Use, Tasty & Healthy, Energy Efficiency and Luxury Design.


For the unitiated, sporting a French door means that the fridge is not separated by a middle mullion or frame. I did not know about this until it was explained during the product briefing. Anyway, this design serves more than just being pretty and all, as there is more than meets the eye.



Besides being a stylish innovation, the main advantage of French door is its practicality providing more spacious compartments. The conventional fridge would have difficulty in storing wide items like long trays and platters but you will be unlikely to face this problem if you have a French door style refrigerator. The handle’s design is well thought of too – the space between the handle and the door is about 3cm wide and should be more than enough for the average person to have a comfortable grip.

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