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Be A Star Maybank2u Star

As the largest bank in Malaysia with the largest network of ATM’s nationwide, Maybank has been part of my life as my main banking institution. There is nothing more convenient than having my salary from my employer to be credited to Maybank, then withdraw it at the petrol station just outside my house.
Besides, their online banking service Maybank2u has helped to make my life easier by eliminating the need to queue at counters just to pay for my bills. With one click, I could settle all my bills within minutes and at the comfort of my home – even in my pyjamas! And since I travel through and flow Penang and KL quite frequently, a credit card is very handy for me to book my tickets, may it be a flight, bus or train. But I have experienced when the credit card’s network goes down, or when my payment was rejected for unknown reasons. At urgent times like these, Maybank2u is definitely a handy tool to have.

Be a Maybank2u Star

If you don’t know yet, Maybank2u is having a ‘Be a Maybank2u Star’ contest that started from 1 November 2012. You have time until 31 December 2012 to enter the contest for a chance to win cash prizes (1st RM5000, 2nd RM3000, 3rd RM1000) plus FB credits upon submitting your entry. Sounds good? Then check out the contest link at
To enter the contest, firstly you will need to be a Maybank2u user. If you have already fulfilled that very basic requirement, you just need to upload a photo of yourself and fill in the texts that will appear in the ad, as shown in the screen above. Local slang and ‘Manglish’ are allowed as long as the submitted entries are constructed predominantly in the English language. I think it is quite good-loh, since this is a contest for Malaysians-mah.

Be a Maybank2u Star

Need ideas? Well, it could be a day when you have forgotten to book a movie for your upcoming date and you got it saved via Maybank2u’s instant movie booking online. In this case, your entry would look like the entry above. Seems easy enough right? Well, it is. You just need to think of any situations that you have used Maybank2u to make your life easy, and that very well could be your winning entry!

Be a Maybank2u Star

And here’s yet another idea for you. Taking the credit card experience I mentioned earlier, I managed to turn it the ad above with ease. I think the key is relate the ad as close to your daily life as possible and you shall have no problem coming up with a winning-worthy ad of your own.

Be a Maybank2u Star

So what are you waiting for? Let your creativity juices flow like teh tarik and submit your entry to this simple and easy contest. Good luck and have fun!

Petite Patisserie @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya & 10 Free Frozen Mousse Cakes

**Contest is closed

With so many established multinational companies and universities in Cyberjaya, there are bound to be a lot of events and celebrations. And when it comes to birthday occassions, I bet most of you get the cakes from that cake chain shop (you know which) So if you are already bored of the usual offerings, there is an alternative now – Petite Patisserie located at the newly opened Shaftsbury Square.

Chocolate Dream – This delicious combination of rich chocolate mousse, chocolaty sponge and smooth praline mousse is set to melt in your mouth

Strawberry Delight – This light-as-air strawberry cake is filled with a sweet-tart strawberry mousse between layers of delicate vanilla sponge

Mango Madness – Bite into this fruity refreshing mango cake that is filled with silky smooth mango mousse between layers of vanilla sponge

Firstly, some introduction and background on Petite Patisserie. Frozen mousse cakes are their specialties and each and every cake sold here is imported from Singapore. Currently, the cakes come in three flavors: Mango Madness, Strawberry Delight and Chocolate Dream and are sold at RM49 each in its plain form, recommended for tea break or snacking purpose.

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California Kitchen Pizza @ Farenheit 88 (MyDEAL e-Voucher) + RM15 Cash Voucher Give-away

It has been almost years since I first dined at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). But my memory of the restaurant still remains vivid and I could still remember the hearth-open-flame oven they use to bake the delicious pizzas. CPK has always been noted for their unconventional pizzas and are always innovating to incorporate new dishes into their menu.


Recently, MyDEAL launched a new deal for CPK that entitles the buyers to enjoy a 10″ pizza (available in 6 different flavours) plus a RM15 cash voucher that can be utilized in the next visit. The total value for this deal is actually RM45.24 but you will get to enjoy it for only RM15, which translates to about 67% discount in total.
When I knew about the deal, I jumped on and bought two e-Vouchers because the terms and conditions state that two vouchers can be redeemed at the same time per table. After I received the e-Vouchers from MyDEAL via email, all I had to do next was to make a reservation at CPK Farenheit 88. And lets not forget to print the voucher and bring it along to the restaurant for verification too.


The 6 different flavours of pizza you could choose are Original BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Shrimp Scampi and Traditional Cheese. All of them are new to me so I asked for the staff’s opinion. He didn’t hesitate even for a second and recommended us to go for the BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian pizzas, which we did. Being fans of thin crust pizzas, we also opted to have our pan pizzas to be served on thin crust for an additional RM3 each.

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