Coca Steamboat Buffet Contest – Submit Comment And Win

Contest has ended! The winners are JM Chow, Saifik and Fiona Chin. Congratulations and enjoy your buffet :) Thanks to those who have submitted their entries via commenting. It was really amazing to see some...

My first Google Adsense Cheque

I finally managed to earn my first $100 with Google Adsense after nearly 3 years of blogging! I think for most bloggers, earning the first Adsense cheque from Google is what they would want... changed hosting

Past few weeks have been a disaster for my blog. My hosting always went down and I lost a lot of traffic. So I have since changed my hosting provider and am struggling to...

My first Nuffnang Cheque

This is my first ever Nuffnang cheque! And a picture speaks a thousand words. Whoever thinks that a food blog cannot earn money, think again. And this has also proved that you will be...

My first ever Advertlets cashout RM102

Today I received a mail from HSBC. It was weird as I do not have any dealings with HSBC at all. When I opened it and saw the cheque I immediately remembered it was...

My blog appeared in The Star newspaper!

Today I had a spike in my blog's traffic, almost 5 times the usual number of visitors. Considering it's Sunday and it is also the day of the week I receive the least visitors,...

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