ISHIN Old Klang Road Japanese Restaurant

Ishin Japanese Dining @ Old Klang Road

Ishin Japanese Dining has introduced a few fusion additions but the menu is still faithful to traditional Japanese cuisine. That means a number of dishes that might seem unusual (or even intimidating for some) because you won't see them being offered at the normal Japanese restaurants.

Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung @ Umbai, Melaka

The furthest I have been to in Melaka is Umbai - a town famous for seafood, notably ikan bakar. As far as I know there are two places you could go to satisfy your...
Maple Food Market 2016 Great Eastern Mall

Maple Food Market 2016 @ Great Eastern Mall

The Maple Food Market is back again at Great Eastern Mall! Bring your family and friends for a delicious weekend where the fascinating food market comes to life at the community pop-up food market. The Market will take place from 25th to 27th March 2016.

Fried Oyster (O Chien) @ CH Coffee Shop, Bukit Mertajam

I miss blogging about my hometown's food. For those who don't know where I am from, it's Bukit Mertajam - a small town on the mainland of Penang. Now that I am home for...
Mak Chick Yunai TTDI Food Truck

Mak Chick Yunai Food Truck @ TTDI

Mak Chick Yunai is the 3rd food truck we have tried in the neighborhood after Cowboys and La Famiglia. I am glad to say that none of them disappointed. The Burger Mak Chick Gunung Berapi @ RM15 is what most people come for. It's stacked with double fried chicken patties, double the cheese and drizzled with mayonnaise, cheese, chili and black pepper sauce.

My Europe Trip 2010 – Paris, France

After London, our next destination was Paris, France. Naturally there are two ways of getting to Paris from London, either by ferry (cheaper, but longer time needed and confusing) or via Eurostar. If you...

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