Lai Foong Lala Noodles

Lala Noodles @ Kedai Kopi Lai Foong, Petaling Street

In the weekdays, Lai Foong coffee shop is one of our favorite places for lunch. Essentially, three of the food stalls are more popular than the rest. Among all, the beef noodle is the...
Elixir Health Pot 无老锅 Wulao Guo Taipei

Elixir Health Pot 无老锅 @ Taipei (Wulao Zhongshan)

Looking back, our previous vacation to Taiwan 8 years ago was a touristy one. We went to as many night markets as time allowed and and ate almost exclusively at the food stands. The...
Chun Kee Hakka Mee Pudu

Chun Kee Hakka Mee @ Pudu – Revisited

Looks like night time is a better time to drop by Chun Kee to enjoy a bowl of Hakka Mee. The overall experience was a 180 degree change compared to our previous lunch visit, as everything felt different.
Eden Dim Sum City Bandar Menjalara Kepong

Eden Dim Sum City 伊甸点心城 @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

There are not many places that serve dim sum at night in KL since it's something people usually eat in the day. But for some reason there are a couple of restaurants in Kepong...
Chun Ciou Hot Pot Steamboat

Chun Ciou Hot Pot 马来西亚春秋战锅 @ Old Klang Road

Since its opening, Chun-Ciou Hot Pot has garnered a lot of attention and it's now one of the busiest restaurants along Old Klang Road. We have been putting off trying this place because their...
New I Po Quarter Roast Duck

Crispy Skin Roast Duck @ Restoran New I Po, Klang

When I was still working in Kota Kemuning a year back, a colleague once brought us to somewhere near GM Klang Wholesale City to have roast duck for lunch. The restaurant was New I Po and I was blew away by how delicious the roast duck was. The experience was etched on my mind ever since.

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