Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee Coca

Big Bowl Curry Mee @ Coca Seafood Restaurant, Selayang

This obscene looking curry mee overloaded with toppings needs no further introduction. It went viral online a few months ago and it's probably the most famous in town. Their curry mee is doing so well that it's sold out even before the stall is ready for business.
Ee Ji Ban Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant @ Melaka

During our last trip to Melaka, we stumbled into a new place for chicken rice. The restaurant is called 'Ee Ji Ban' and they appear to be Muslim friendly too as various Malay celebrities have eaten here before. And since it's located in Melaka, you can expect to find chicken rice balls in the menu too.

Wong Ah Wah Famous Chicken Wings @ Jalan Alor, KL

Jalan Alor is filled to the brim with various restaurants and food stalls. Among all, Wong Ah Wah stands out for their famous BBQ chicken wings - a dish loved by both tourists and locals alike. The first time I was here was close to 10 years ago and I could vividly remember that Jalan Alor was not as happening as it is now today. Wong Ah Wah has since even added another barbecue stove to meet the increasing demands for their chicken wings.
Hotpot Kitchen 麻辣香锅 1 Utama

Hotpot Kitchen 麻辣香锅 @ 1 Utama

Hotpot Kitchen specializes in Mala (麻辣) food and you are able to customize the ingredients that will go on your plate. Pick the vegetables and meat you want then choose one of the four available flavors which suits your preferred level of heat.

Lucky King Bun Seremban 好运面包王 (New Outlet)

Among the hundreds of food-related posts I have done for the past 9 or 10 years, Lucky King Bun remains one of my most memorable ones. Lucky King Bun uses only highly quality ingredients and some of the key items such as butter, milk and potatoes are imported to ensure both the bun and the curry taste as good as possible. No wonder it is one of the must-try delicacies in Negeri Sembilan!
Char Siew Yoong Pudu Ulu Cheras

Char Siew Yoong (Peel Road) @ Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras

Char Siew Yoong in Cheras is one of the most raved roast meat restaurant in town especially for their delectable char siew. When I arrived at the restaurant only then it hit me that we have tasted their famous char siew before.

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