Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant @ Jalan Leong Sim Nam, Ipoh

Since my last visit Foh San has relocated to a new and bigger builiding, which is just a stone throw's away from their old place. The last time we had dim sum here few...

Eden Dim Sum City Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara

Eden Dim Sum City restaurant in Bandar Menjalara is a popular place to go for good dim sum in Kepong. I stumbled upon this dim sum restaurant one day when I was driving aimlessly...

Kepong Dim Sum

"Dim Sum" - in Chinese meaning "a pinch to the heart" is a variety of dumplings and buns that can be either steamed or fried, normally served along with chinese tea. As the...

Kei Tak Sek Shaved Ice Desserts @ Kepong

Went back to Kei Tak Sek (K.T.Z Food - Restaurant The Fruitti Stall) at Kepong a while ago to savour their famed lohs. Lohs, lol. I had the Mango Loh, which is shaved ice...
Oriental Chinese Cuisine Pullman KL Bangsar Dim Sum

Dim Sum @ Oriental Chinese Cuisine, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

Let me begin by saying that authentic dim sum should not be pork free. Although not every dish in dim sum restaurants contains pork, the iconic ones such as char siu bao and siu...

Palace of Emperor Dim Sum

Palace of Emperor Dim Sum restaurant has been around in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 for quite some time already. It is located in Taman Ciku along the road to BM town. It actually resides within...

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