Min Huang Restaurant – Shanghai & Hong Kong Style Dim Sum & Desserts @...

After coming back from Hong Kong I have been shunning our local dim sum joints because I feel they are not up to the standards anymore. If you have been to Hong Kong and...

Dragon-I Restaurant @ Queensbay

I've been longing to try Dragon-I but have been put off by the expensive price of the food. It was not until I received my second Advertlets payout then only I decided to dine...

A Little Dim Sum Place @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

A Little Dim Sum Place at SS2 is yet another recommendation from a reader - M@Y, who told to me that this is her favorite place for dim sum. Like always, if there's good...
20 recommended food and street food to eat in Ipoh restaurants

Top 20 ‘Must-Eat’ Places While In Ipoh – Best of Ipoh Food

Eating is easily the best activity to do in Ipoh. Bean sprout chicken rice, 'kai see hor fun', egg tarts, white coffee, hakka mee, curry mee, ABC, caramel custard, yong tau fu and the list goes on. If you are visiting Ipoh for a 'makan trip' soon, I hope you are going with an empty stomach. Here's a list of 20 must-try food, coffee shops and restaurants to get you started.

Shanghai Ding House Of Dumplings @ Queensbay Penang

Ever since reading Rasa Malaysia's featured post on Shanghai Ding Tai Feng restaurant at Queensbay area, Penang I have been eager to try it. I bet anyone who has visited her site with those...

Pan Ki Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

On the first day of Raya, I started off the day by having a wonderful dim sum breakfast at one of the best dim sum restaurant in Sri Petaling - Pan Ki. Surprisingly, it...

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