Sandwich Express halal sandwich Ipoh free delivery

Sandwich Express @ Ipoh

During our recent trip to Ipoh, we noticed a quaint sandwich restaurant called Sandwich Express near the hotel we stayed. Since sandwich is one of the things we love, we decided to forfeit our hotel's breakfast and try Sandwich Express instead.
Subak Grilled Lamb

Dining with Nature – Subak @ Bukit Lanjan, Kuala Lumpur

Who would have thought a tranquil restaurant such as Subak exists only minutes' drive away from the hustling and bustling of Mutiara Damansara and LDP? Being somewhat a hilltop restaurant at Bukit Lanjan, you...

Carl’s Jr. Disappointing Charbroiled BBQ Chicken @ Pavilion

Sigh, I am quite disappointed now and I need to rant. You see, I was at Pavilion earlier tonight and was contemplating my choices for dinner - it could have been the newly opened...

Anuar’s Fish Head Curry @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Anuar's Fish Head Curry (Bangsar Fish Head Corner) is a food stall at Lucky Garden that commands a large customer base thanks to two of their signature dishes: fish head curry and mamak-style fried...
Roti-Tsunami-Roti-Canai-Pak-Ali-Pantai Dalam Bangsar KL

Roti Tsunami @ Roti Canai Pak Ali, Pantai Dalam

Roti Canai Pak Ali might not serve the best roti canai in town, but that doesn't stop the stall from being packed every morning. Students, working people and residents nearby all gather to enjoy...
Seafood-Lambak Selera Kita-Shellout Ujong Pasir Melaka

Seafood Lambak Selera Kita @ Ujong Pasir, Melaka

Seafood Boil was introduced to Malaysians a couple of years ago, but it's too pricey to be enjoyed on a regular basis. Because of that, Seafood Lambak was created to match the budget of...

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