SL’s Birthday Dinner @ Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Pavilion

It was SL's birthday yesterday and we celebrated it over a dinner at Celadon - Royal Thai Cuisine in Pavilion. The first impression on the menu was good enough for us to pick it...
Pak Din Satay Gombak, best satay in KL

Pak Din Satay Gombak – Best Satay in KL

If you ask me where to get the best satay in KL (note: Selangor excluded, especially Kajang), my answer would be Pak Din satay in Gombak. It took me almost a year to come up with this conclusion, one that I could only make after tasting all the well-known satay restaurants and stalls around the city. The list includes Satay Station, Zaini Satay, Nur Satay, Hj Senen of O Mulia, Klasik Satay, Satay Sri Melaka of Datuk Keramat, Zainah Ismail, Kasim Satay, Sen Kee, Sate Atok and many more. So you know I am pretty darn serious about this.

Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar @ Kampung Baru

** This restaurant has shifted to 36, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Chow Kit, 50300 KL ** Gerai Pak Lang Ikan Bakar has got to be the busiest place to eat in Kampung Baru. Even though it...
Maple Food Market 2016 Great Eastern Mall

Maple Food Market 2016 @ Great Eastern Mall

The Maple Food Market is back again at Great Eastern Mall! Bring your family and friends for a delicious weekend where the fascinating food market comes to life at the community pop-up food market. The Market will take place from 25th to 27th March 2016.
Kuih-Keria-Stall-Melaka Abang Botek Sungai Putat

Kuih Keria Abang Botek @ Sungai Putat, Melaka

Kuih Keria is a unique Malay style donut that is more commonly found in Melaka. It is basically deep fried sweet potato dough covered in sweet Gula Melaka glaze. Depending on the recipe of...

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu @ Kampung Melayu, Air Hitam

I have heard a lot about the famous Nasi Kandar at Kampung Melayu but never tried it before due to their operating hours from 6:30am to noon. Having Nasi Kandar early in the morning...

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