Lan's Minced Pork Rice 岚肉燥专卖店 Taichung

Lan’s Minced Pork Shop (岚肉燥专卖店) @ Taichung Second Market

Like most Asian major towns and cities, the market is an ideal place to start looking for good food, and Taichung is no exception either. Located 15 minutes away on foot from the Taichung...

Kampung Aston Curry Mee, 碧姨咖喱面 @ Bukit Mertajam

There was an article on Guang Ming Daily not long ago recommending good food in Bukit Mertajam and one of them is 碧姨咖喱面 - Kampung Aston Curry Mee. It was the only food in...

Braised Fish Head & Fried La La @ New De Place, Kepong

**This restaurant has closed** Clam dishes are one of our personal favourites and although they are commonly available at any Chinese restaurant, the ones that are worth recommending are pretty hard to come by. Recently,...

Ipoh Sun Yuan Foong White Coffee

So, I received a comment from J2kfm saying that Nam Heong is not where the original white coffee came from. According to him, Sun Yuan Loong, a coffee shop located directly opposite Nam Heong...
Jia Li Mian Penang Curry Mee Pandan Jaya

Penang Curry Mee @ Jia Li Mian Noodle House, Pandan Jaya KL

If you're a fan of Penang Curry Mee, then Jia Li Mian Shi Guan restaurant deserves your attention. They serve by far the most authentic looking (note: looks) Penang Curry Mee in KL with all the toppings you could think of including pork blood cubes, prawns, ginger flower and mint. For that alone, I give them A+ for the effort of preserving the authenticity.

Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Nam Chuan, Bangsar

Nam Chuan is one of the most frequented coffee shops in Bangsar because of its location. It's a cheap place to eat and is usually packed with office workers and locals. There are a lot of people who purposely come here for Aunty Christina's Sarawak Laksa too.

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