Road Side Roti Canai @ Transfer Road, Penang

Many people claim that the Roti Canai stall at Transfer Road is the best in Penang. Well firstly, let me just say that statement might be a bit of a stretch, as I don't...

Banana Leaf Rice @ Restoran Kanna Curry House, PJ Sec 17

Kanna Curry House at PJ Section 17 is one of the famous Indian restaurants to go for Banana Leaf Rice. I was introduced to Kanna by a close friend of mine who rates it...

Roti Canai Special & Teh Ding Dong @ Mansion Tea Stall, KL

Prepare yourself for the best teh tarik you will ever have in KL at Mansion Tea Stall. Previously known as Al Amnah, this legendary eatery at Masjid India is famed for two things: 'Teh...

GEM Restaurant – House of Indian Cuisine @ Brickfields, KL

GEM restaurant had always been on my list of Indian restaurants to try, and I finally got around to eating at their Brickfields branch two weeks ago. If I am not mistaken it also...
Taman Megah Rojak and Cendol

Rojak Penang (Pasembor) & Cendol Penang @ Taman Megah

For those who frequently travel along LDP, you should notice a rojak and cendol truck parked at the side of the road leading into Taman Megah. Judging by the number of customers I have...

Shaheen Palace Moghul Cuisine @ Kampung Baru

Shaheen Palace serves Northern Indian and Pakistani cuisine with a Malaysian touch. Stepping into the restaurant feels like a time warp - very old school and the walls are covered with pictures from their...

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