Saisaki Japanese Buffet UOA

Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Wisma UOA II, KL

If you need a reason to hate Japanese food, just come to Saisaki for their Japanese buffet. They are right in calling themselves the Grand Father of Japanese Buffets because that's what they are: old, living on past glory and in need of serious revamps.

Udon Kobo Min Min @ Damansara Utama

If you a fan of udon noodles then you should check out Udon Kobo Min Min, a relatively new restaurant at Damansara Utama that makes their own udon noodles in store - fresh and...

Marugame Udon & Tempura @ Sunway Putra Mall, KL

At Marugame Udon, Freshness is given top priority considering their udon is made in the shop daily and any unused noodles will be discarded within an hour.
Shojin-Ryori-Enryaku-ji-Kaikan Buddhist Meal Japan

Shojin Ryori (Buddhist Cuisine) @ Enryaku-ji Kaikan, Mount Hiei

It never crossed my mind to try vegetarian food in Japan, but I am sure glad that I was given the opportunity to try it. Among the dozens of meals I had during my...
Tsubohachi Snow Crab Menu Publika

Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido (Snow Crab Menu) @ Publika

For an Izakaya, Tsubohachi is alright in my book. One thing I feel they did right is maintaining the food prices affordable enough for frequent visits. They recently introduced a brand new, limited time only menu called Crab of Tsubohachi which features imported Snow Crab prepared in various Japanese styles.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mid Valley City

While everyone is flocking to the newly opened Hokkaido Ichiba at Mid Valley The Gardens, I headed to the more established Yuzu instead after gathering many positive feedbacks. Among the many restaurants in this...

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