Gyeong Bok Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Plaza Menjalara, Kepong

** THIS RESTAURANT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY ANOTHER KOREAN RESTAURANT ** Among the 4 restaurants that recently opened at Plaza Menjalara, I consider Gyeong Bok Gung to be the best. From the name you should...
Hanbing Bangsar Korean Dessert Cafe

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe @ Bangsar

Hanbing originates from Hong Kong and their outlet in Bangsar is actually their first oversea branch. As of now, most of the items you see on the menu are more suitable for sharing and we were told that a new hot food menu is scheduled to launch by end of this month. Hanbing's milky snow ice is seriously soft and fluffy void of annoying ice bits - melting as soon as it hits your tongue.

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ @ Empire Damansara, PJ

After having the ala carte BBQ buffet at San Nae Deul, I highly doubt it deserves to be short-listed as the one of the best Korean restaurants in KL. The food is not entirely...
Shinmapo Mapo Galmaegi Korean BBQ

Shinmapo Korean BBQ (Mapo Galmaegi) @ SS15 Courtyard

Shinmapo (Mapo Galmaegi) is the latest Korean BBQ restaurant chain to open in Malaysia. For their first outlet, they have chosen to open at SS15 Courtyard with subsequent outlets soon to open at The Gardens Mall and Empire Damansara. We were invited for a food tasting last weekend before their grand opening on the 3rd of August.
Sola-Pocha Korean Bar Mont Kiara

Sola-Pocha Korean Soju & Snack Bar @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Finding an Izakaya in KL is not difficult, as there are a number of them sprawl over the city. But for a change of flavor and environment, Sola-Pocha, a PojangMacha (Korean bar) could very well what you are looking for. The bar's chosen name is simply an amalgamation of the words Sola (Solaris Mont Kiara, where it's located) and Pocha (short form for PojangMacha) - it all makes sense!
Duk Soo Ne BBQ Buffet Solaris Mont Kiara

Korean BBQ Buffet @ Duk SooNe Fresh Meat Store, Solaris Mont Kiara

Last I counted there were three Korean BBQ buffet in Solaris Mont Kiara - including the popular BBQ-K, which has unfortunately gone down hill of late. Our initial plan was to eat at Donsadon, but we ended up at Duk SooNe instead because we couldn't find the place.

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