Duk Soo Ne BBQ Buffet Solaris Mont Kiara

Korean BBQ Buffet @ Duk SooNe Fresh Meat Store, Solaris Mont Kiara

Last I counted there were three Korean BBQ buffet in Solaris Mont Kiara - including the popular BBQ-K, which has unfortunately gone down hill of late. Our initial plan was to eat at Donsadon, but we ended up at Duk SooNe instead because we couldn't find the place.

Dak Galbi @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

After our awesome Korean BBQ meal at Little Korea, I noticed another Korean restaurant called Uncle Jang that has a rather weird sign - a smiling bald uncle. The sign and restaurant name do...

Shunka Japanese Restaurant @ Maju Utama Business Centre, Bukit Mertajam

There aren't many Japanese restaurants in BM so I am glad that Shunka Japanese Restaurant at Maju Utama Business Centre is a good one. This business centre is also home to a number restaurants...

Korean BBQ @ Little Korea Restaurant, Solaris Mon’t Kiara

I might have finally found a Korean restaurant that is able to convince me that Korean BBQ is nice. My previous dining experiences at various Korean BBQ restaurants just to name a few like...
Shogun2u food delivery KL

Shogun2U – Reliable and Affordable Food Delivery in KL

If you have been sitting on the fence about whether to try Shogun2U's online meal delivery service, there's no better time to try it than now. 8excite is offering Shogun2U's RM50 cash voucher at...
Impressoul Gastrology Kopanese Sunway Pyramid

Impressoul Gastrology @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel West

Impressoul Gastrology is the latest restaurant and bar to open in Sunway Pyramid Hotel West. This ambient dining and drinking venue is the brainchild of the same creative team that runs Take Eat Easy bakery cafe.

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