Guan Heong Mooncakes Ipoh

Traditional Handmade Mooncakes @ Guan Heong Biscuit Shop, Ipoh

When I went to Guan Heong biscuit shop, I also had the privilege to witness first-hand how their traditional mooncakes are made. I am always inclined to learn how food is made because it...

Meat Floss Biscuit by Guan Heong Biscuit Shop, Ipoh

Look what arrived in my mail today. It's a parcel sent all the way from Ipoh courtesy of Guan Heong. For those who are not familiar with Guan Heong, it is a traditional Chinese...

Up Close & Personal with Wine Talk’s French Sommelier, David Stephan

I know nothing about wine, except that it is made from grapes and there are the red and white versions. Recently I had a chance to interview David Stephan, the French sommelier from Wine...

Visiting Toy Story Land & Flights of Fantasy Parade @ Hong Kong Disneyland

** This post is a continuation to my Hong Kong Disneyland trip. Since the weather forecast predicted there will be rain with occasional thunder in the second day of our trip, we anticipated the worst...
Gula Melaka Cendol

Yet Another Melaka Food Guide – What’s Good & What’s Not?

So I was at Melaka again over the last weekend for yet another food hunt. The mission remains the same: to provide good alternatives to the overcrowded makan places so that you won't have to...
Penang Food Guide by Vkeong

A 48 Hours Food Guide to Eating in Penang

Penang is world famous for its abundance of hawker food. But sometimes having too many choices might not be a good thing because you will have a hard time to decide which to savour,...

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