Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mid Valley City

While everyone is flocking to the newly opened Hokkaido Ichiba at Mid Valley The Gardens, I headed to the more established Yuzu instead after gathering many positive feedbacks. Among the many restaurants in this...

Awesome American Cheeseburger @ The Pink Sage, Solaris Dutamas

** This restaurant has ceased operations. **Let me share with you my favorite restaurant for traditional Americen Cheeseburger - The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry at Solaris Dutamas, KL. Compared with the most commonly...

Ice Kacang @ Swatow Lane – Quality Dropped?

If you have copy of Rasa Rasa Penang book "a visitor-friendly guide to its food" and went to try Swatow Lane's ice kacang based on its recommendation, you will be disappointed. I am not...

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