Best Steamboat and Buffet Restaurants in KL and Klang Valley

Steamboat Restaurants to Eat in KL & Klang Valley

Safe to say steamboat, or hot pot is more popular in Klang Valley than any other places in Malaysia. There's simply something special about this cook-it-yourself experience that keeps us coming back for more....
20 best food and restaurant in kepong

20 Best Restaurants & Food to Eat in Kepong – Part 1

As someone who has been staying in Kepong for most of my working life, it is my duty to introduce you, in my opinion, some of the best Kepong food stalls and restaurants to eat at.

Maple Fish Pot – Garoupa Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant @ Plaza Menjalara

Have you ever looked at a restaurant and immediately thought of eating there, even though it's the untested new kid on the block? Well that happened to us when we stumbled upon Maple Fish...

Thai BBQ @ Bar B.Q. Plaza, 1 Utama New Wing

If you are a frequent shopper at 1 Utama you would have seen Bar B.Q. Plaza's advertisement showing on the screens. Their funny and catchy advertisements never fail to make me stop to watch...

Happy City Steamboat Restaurant (Live Seafood) @ Kepong

When it comes to steamboat I bet most of you think of going for the buffet type first. Although it's cheaper and you get to eat all you can, the ingredients are often those...
Sukishi Shabu Shabu and Sushi Buffet

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki & Sushi Buffet @ The Starling

It's not hard to find shabu shabu or steamboat restaurants that serves pork, but it's a challenge when you are in a shopping mall. Luckily, Sukishi exists. Sukishi is a Japanese Sukiyaki & Sushi...

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