Senthai & Mookata Thai Street Food Menjalara

Senthai & Mookata Thai Street Food @ Plaza Menjalara, Kepong

Although Kepong has its share of Thai restaurants, only a handful of them serve Thai street food. Senthai & Mookata is one of them, and probably the best one too.
Kid Thung Kepong Thai Street Food Noodle

Kid Thung Noodle & Thai Street Food @ Kepong

There are a number of new eateries popping up along Kepong's 'wai sek kai' recently. Kid Thung is one of them and they are probably the only stall serving Thai food. Their simple two page...
Tharnthong Lodge Restaurant

Lunch at Tharnthong Lodges @ Mae On, Chiang Mai

Among the many the sightseeing tours you can do in Chiang Mai, a trip to Mae Kampong in Mae On district is recommended for those who are looking to escape to a less-touristy place. If you have a private car to ferry you around, you owe it to yourself to drop by Tharnthong Lodges, a nature resort with a great Thai restaurant that's also blessed with a spectacular view of greenery.
Noi Seafood Huai Khwang Bangkok

Noi Seafood @ Huai Khwang, Bangkok

After our satisfying pork leg rice dinner at Sirichai, we told ourselves that we would be back to try Noi Seafood next door. Barely 2 months later, here we were again. Noi Seafood was...
Soi 55 Thai Kitchen & Bar Solaris Mont Kiara

Soi 55 Thai Kitchen & Bar @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

It's high time Solaris Mont Kiara gets a proper Thai restaurant. Soi 55 Thai Kitchen & Bar opened about 4 months ago and it be found directly in front of Cold Storage. Not only...

Thai BBQ @ Bar B.Q. Plaza, 1 Utama New Wing

If you are a frequent shopper at 1 Utama you would have seen Bar B.Q. Plaza's advertisement showing on the screens. Their funny and catchy advertisements never fail to make me stop to watch...

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