Botak Jones Authentic American Food @ Tampines

Botak Jones, a food joint that specializes in authentic American food as well as boldly claiming that they serve damn good food at a damn good price. A branch is located at where I...
The Eigth Avenue Bar & Restaurant @ Publika

The Eighth Avenue Bar & Restaurant @ Publika

Pork takes the center stage in The Eighth Avenue's versatile menu. It even encompasses several local and homestyle dishes from stewed pork to nasi lemak and tandoori. It's an great place to unwind too and it's only a matter of time their wine buffet and all you can drink beer promotions become the talk of the town, especially when their pricings are attractive even to a non-drinker such as myself.

Michaelangelo’s Italian Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Michaelangelo's is one of the first few restaurants to open at Solaris Mont Kiara. After 7 years, this upscale casual Italian restaurant is still standing strong while many came and went. Paolo Pala, the...
Sandwich Express halal sandwich Ipoh free delivery

Sandwich Express @ Ipoh

During our recent trip to Ipoh, we noticed a quaint sandwich restaurant called Sandwich Express near the hotel we stayed. Since sandwich is one of the things we love, we decided to forfeit our hotel's breakfast and try Sandwich Express instead.
Neroteca Italian Restaurant Plaza Damansara

Neroteca @ Plaza Damansara

As one of the longest standing Italian chains in KL, it's only fair for us to harbor high expectations for Neroteca. We dropped by on a Sunday for brunch and it wasn't quite the experience we were hoping for.

Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

In Britain and Ireland, Antipodeans are referred to the inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand. So, the Antipodean Cafe at Bangsar is an Aussie/NZ style cafe that is extremely popular for their breakfast and...

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