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HAVEN Training Restaurant @ Siam Reap, Cambodia

Food should never pose an issue for travellers to Siam Reap since there are so many international restaurants along the town’s main street. For those who are not that adventurous to venture into the more exotic street food, the vast options of ‘proper restaurants’ must surely be a relief. But if you are willing to stray a little further, Haven Training Restaurant is definitely worth checking out.

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Penang Char Koay Teow @ Top Kitchen, Taman Bukit Maluri

I am not sure what happened but the nice Penang Char Koay Teow stall at Kepong Baru had a change of hands. Sad to say, the quality is quite terrible now. But I guess every cloud has a silver lining, because I just discovered another Penang CKT that is not only great and authentic, it tastes even better!

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The KEE Resort & Spa @ Patong, Phuket

Located directly adjacent to the rowdy and happening Bangla Road, The KEE Resort & Spa is a trendy hotel at Patong that offers a clean and modern experience to couple and family travellers alike. The hotel’s design is influenced by a Sino-Portugese architecture which is unique in Thailand but familiar to us, as it bears resemblance to the early Malaccan and Penang settlements.


The room type we got was the Deluxe Pool View. With a size of 40 sqm, it has the perfect space to accommodate two adults comfortably. Most of the amenities in the room are pretty standard and satisfies the expectations of a medium range hotel. The room’s bright and vibrant colours have a cheerful vibe that perks your mood.


Next to the bed is a central digital panel that controls all the lightings in the room.


But what’s really interesting to me is the smart tv which could be used to enjoy satelite tv, movies on demand, music and get connected to the Internet. A set of wireless keyboard and mouse is provided as the navigation tool so you could actually browse the web from the comfort of the bed. If you prefer your own devices the complimentary WiFi’s connection is reliable and the speed is quite fast too.

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