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Hassan’s Mee Goreng (Mee Bodoh) @ Jalan Tengkera, Melaka

One of my memorable eats in Melaka is Hassan’s Mee Goreng at Jalan Tengkera. Even though this is a Malay eatery, you can see many Chinese and Indian customers enjoying their breakfast here as well, making this a true Malaysian favourite.


The mee goreng is as basic as it could get as it is only prepared with only a handful of ingredients – yellow noodles, bean sprouts and their homemade specialty sambal. Then, a dollop of extra sambal is added on top of the noodles. Because of that the locals also referred this mee goreng as ‘Mee Bodoh’ (translated to ‘Stupid Noodle’) and that name really stuck with me. Anyway, a few years ago the mee goreng here was really cheap and cost only RM1 for a plate. But with the inflation, the price has increased steadily over the years until the RM1.50 now.


Even though the sambal looks red hot, it doesn’t taste as spicy as it seems. Well, at least for me. I actually mixed another extra spoonful of sambal into the noodles later and felt the spiciness was still tolerable.. in fact just right. There are also bottles of vinegar and kicap manis on each table which you can mix into your noodles’ according to your own liking.
I noticed that Malaccans were quite liberal with the vinegar especially, they were literally pouring it over their noodles. Hmm, I guess that’s their way of eating it. As for me, I just dripped a few drops of kicap manis and it was good to go.

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Jalil Special Ice Kacang @ Food Court Next To Fort Cornwallis

I have found a new favorite stall for ice kacang in Penang and it is Jalil Special Ice Kacang. Being halal is another good thing because everyone can enjoy it. The stall is just next to Mee Sotong Hameed Pata in the food court between the huge field and Fort Cornwalis at Esplanade.


I ordered an ice kacang from the waiters but it didn’t arrive even after 15 minutes. I thought they had forgotten since there were a lot of customers during lunch hour. Even though I reminded the guy he didn’t seem to take notice and appeared to ignore me. There was not even a slight affirmation shown.
Seeing this I was about to give up and walk away after having my mee goreng there. And then the ice kacang came lol. So I think they were just too occupied remembering all the orders that they behave like this. Anyway my point is, don’t mind the service – your order will come eventually.

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Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam @ Cherok Tok Kun, Bukit Mertajam

Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam is a small canteen like shop at Cherok Tok Kun that is famous for their traditional Malay noodles that uses flower crab to prepare the delicious gravy. The stall is located located just at the intersection before you turn into the road leading to Bukit Mertajam hill.
I am not sure if Haji Mohd is a branch or somehow related to Pak Man because both of them seem to sell the same thing. But their noodles tastes different so I am guessing no.


When ordering, I stood next to the stall and noticed a big pot of simmering gravy used to prepare the Mee Kuah. It smelled terrific and the heat was very overpowering. By this I knew I was in for something special.
A normal plate of Mee Kuah Ketam costs RM3, or RM3.50 for the bigger plate as well as the Mee Kuah Special. Not exactly cheap for BM standards but I would say it’s worth it considering the generous amount of ingredients they give – chewy sweet and spicy sotong, prawns, ‘heh chee‘ (prawn pritters), tau kua, chilies, hard boiled egg and a sprinkle of crushed peanuts. Shown here is the Mee Kuah Special, which I think had extra prawns and sotong.
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