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Kopi Time Kopitiam @ Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more Kopitiams, new ones are coming up every now and then. It could only mean one thing, yum cha is Malaysians’ favorite past time, and Kopitiam business is still a growing business in Malaysia.
Some of my friends like to yum cha a lot, and they go Kopitiam hopping around frequently. And one of their recommendations is Kopi Time at Atria Shopping Center for the toasts. By the way the Kopitiam’s name is quite catchy.. Anytime someone asks “Hey what time is it?” You can simply say “It’s Kopi Time!” lol lame joke. Anyway, good yum cha place must be shared right?


The main reason the toasts are popular is because Kopi Time doesn’t stinge on the butter and the breads are charcoal toasted (located next to the counter), which gives it a nicer fragrance. It’s a no-brainer really. Just make sure your toasts are generously coated with butter and kaya, reasonably priced and the crowd will come on their own.
Usually I won’t want to blog about Kopitiams, because I feel they are way too commercialized and the food quality deteriorates with every new franchise opened. But I will make an exception for Kopi Time. Besides, I think this place is well known among the locals but not featured on food blogs prominently enough yet.

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Banana Leaf Char Koay Teow @ Nam Heong Coffee Shop, Ipoh

I have been to Nam Heong coffee shop a couple of times but never had the luck to try their Char Koay Teow, said to be quite good and recommended by many. In my past visits, either I was too late or the stall just didn’t open. I don’t know why, but I tend to reach [tag]Nam Heong[/tag] around 4 to 5pm everytime, which is also the time the stall would close for business.
Just a few weeks ago, I was at [tag]Ipoh[/tag] for a one day trip and went to Nam Heong again. This time, I was lucky and the stall was still open. Do you know how close I was? I was their last customer for the day!


Since I was the last customer for them, they double checked with us whether one plate was enough, lol. Costing RM3.50 a plate, the [tag]Char Koay Teow[/tag] did live up to its reputation, albeit a rather small portion. Prawns were big and juicy, cockles were fresh and it had good wok hei. Basically nothing to complain about the Char Koay Teow.

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Ipoh Sun Yuan Foong White Coffee

So, I received a comment from J2kfm saying that Nam Heong is not where the original white coffee came from. According to him, Sun Yuan Loong, a coffee shop located directly opposite Nam Heong along Jalan Bijih Timah is white coffee’s origin. Then, I remembered another coffee shop’s name which sounds like this. I went there immediately after my cuppa at Nam Heong. It’s called Sun Yuan Foong. Is there a reason why the coffee shops’ names are so similar here? The competition for the best white coffee is very evident in Ipoh with each claiming to serve the best, lol.

sun yuan foong coffee shop
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