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Traditional Tong Sui Stall @ Glutton Street, Muar

If you are visiting Muar I am pretty sure you would visit their famous Glutton Street. Although there are quite a number of stalls along the street, most of the food is repetitive since there are multiple stalls selling the same thing. But among all, there is one dessert stall which I find quite unique and their traditional ‘tong sui‘ is worth a try.


I am not sure if they actually rotate their ‘tong sui’ selection but we were offered Tau Suan (Mung Bean dessert), green bean soup, bubur cha-cha and peanut soup on that day. Among all I would say the peanut soup would be the one to try here while the rest are pretty common. We also ordered a bowl of bubur cha-cha and to my delight, it tasted very similar to how my grandmother used to prepare it (with tapioca jelly, not many people would still do this nowadays). One taste and I was automatically transported back to my childhood.

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Mee Pok @ Coconut Garden Food Court, Muar

Coconut Garden is a popular food court in Muar, busiest between breakfast and lunch hours. It is also here where you will find one of the best Mee Pok in town. This simple but satisfying noodle is more commonly found in Southern Malaysia and Singapore but you could find it in Klang Valley as well if you know where to look. One such restaurant that serves authentic tasting Mee Pok is Tang Pin Kitchen, which I used to be a regular customer when I was still working in PJ.


As opposed to Singaporean’s version of Mee Pok where vinegar plays an important part of the sauce that flavors the noodle, Malaysian’s version seems to omit it and focuses more on chili sauce and lard instead. My friend who recommended me to try the Mee Pok at Coconut Garden reminded me to request for extra chili, saying it will make it tastier.

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Mee Bandung Muar Abu Bakar Hanipah @ Wah San Kopitiam

Mee Bandung is one of the foods you should not miss in Muar, simply because the best ones are all concentrated here. In fact, Muar is the town where Mee Bandung is said to originate from. Anyway, there are many stalls and restaurants you could go looking for this popular local dish but I placed my bet on Abu Bakar Hanipah‘s at Wah San Kopitiam along Jalan Abdullah. The coffee shop’s name is especially catchy and easy to remember for me, since there is a clan and mountain with the same name in Chinese martial arts novels too.


This was my first time having Mee Bandung Muar and all I could say is that I was immediately hooked. Imagine a hearty serving of noodle in an egg and shrimp broth that tastes extraordinary, like a slightly sweeter and concentrated version of Chinese prawn noodle but topped with delicious beef slices and small whole shrimps instead. Each mouthful is rich and bursting with prawn flavor, there’s simply no stopping once you have started – simply delicious. Priced at RM4 per plate, no doubt this is one of the best local food we had during our short trip to Muar.

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