Mee Pok @ Coconut Garden Food Court, Muar

Coconut Garden is a popular food court in Muar, busiest between breakfast and lunch hours. It is also here where you will find one of the best Mee Pok in town. This simple but...

Traditional Tong Sui Stall @ Glutton Street, Muar

If you are visiting Muar I am pretty sure you would visit their famous Glutton Street. Although there are quite a number of stalls along the street, most of the food is repetitive since...

OId Cathay Cinema Muar Char Koay Teow

Coming from Penang myself I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to Char Koay Teow. But it also means I might be biased when judging Char Koay Teow from other states. In the...

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