My Europe Trip 2010 – Milan, Italy

After a two hour train ride to Milan from Spiez, we immediately got ourselves a 2-day pass for the public transport that cost €5.50. The Milan Centrale Station is one complex and confusing train...

My Europe Trip 2010 – Switzerland

If I were given a chance to do the Europe trip all over again but I could only visit one country, I will choose Switzerland without a shout of a doubt. For most of...

My Europe Trip 2010 – Paris, France

After London, our next destination was Paris, France. Naturally there are two ways of getting to Paris from London, either by ferry (cheaper, but longer time needed and confusing) or via Eurostar. If you...

My Europe Trip 2010 – Itinerary & Travel Tips (Still Updating)

A few people have been asking me for my Europe trip's itinerary and total cost. So for sharing sake here it is, we covered mostly Western Europe and Czech Republic over 28 days during...

My Europe Trip 2010 – London, England

Just to share some photos of the Europe trip I embarked about a month ago. Yep, for the entire month of June I was not in Malaysia so any blog updates were actually pre-written...

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