Maple Food Market (25 – 27 Mac 2016) @ Great Eastern Mall

March is upon us and with that the end of Q1 closes in. You may lament at the speed of which 2016 is unraveling, but rest assured that March will end on a good note with the upcoming installment of Great Eastern Mall’s Maple Food Market!

Nur Satay @ Studio 5 Restaurant, Ampang Jaya

It might seem peculiar that Studio 5 at Ampang Jaya has two satay stalls operating within the restaurant. However, with everything considered, it actually makes sense because one stall alone won't be able to cope with the number of customers. Zaini Satay is the famous one for their legacy, but Nur Satay (in my opinion) is simply the better one.

Om Burger @ Ampang – the Best Street Burger in KL?

Before burger bakar and gourmet burgers became a thing, street burgers ruled. Among the thousands of burger stalls in KL, one of them enjoyed a legendary reputation as the sloppiest, greasiest but also being the best. And that's Om Burger.
San Nae Deul Noonsaram Korean Restaurant Ampang

San Nae Deul (Noonsaram) Korean BBQ Buffet @ Ampang

First of all, the San Nae Deul at Ampang is unrelated to the other San Nae Deul Korean restaurants you see in KL. Somehow, they just happen to share the same name and without going into the mumbo-jumbo of who's the original and whatnot, just know that they will be rebranded to Noonsaram soon. In conjunction with the rebranding, San Nae Deul Ampang (Noonsaram) has recently launched a very affordable mini Ssam Bab buffet @ RM20nett for lunch and RM25nett for dinner.

Maple Food Market @ Great Eastern Mall

The Maple Food Market is back at the Great Eastern Mall this weekend. Come and support your local entrepreneurs who are showcasing their food products at reasonable prices. Best of all, you don't have to worry about the weather, parking or mud problems ;)

Maple Food Market (6 – 8 Nov 2015) @ Great Eastern Mall

Maple Food Market (6 -8 Nov 2015) aims to promote better awareness and appreciation for food in the growing community of food enthusiasts and innovators.

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