Piggy Tail Restaurant & Bar @ Bangsar

When the place we wanted to have dinner at Bangsar unexpectedly closed due to a small fire, we headed to Piggy Tail instead. First impression: it looked more like a watering hole (no one was eating) and almost a quarter of their menu was not available. In retrospect, those should have served as warnings but then it started raining so we decided to stay on and just hoped for the best.
Bangsar #BAE RM2.50 Food

#BAE (Build and Eat) & Maerry:Me @ Bangsar

** THIS RESTAURANT HAS CEASED OPERATIONS ** Not sure if you noticed but there's a new restaurant called #BAE (Build and Eat) just across Telawi Square. It's hard to miss it because of its peculiar...
Poomy's-Kitchen-Coconut-Brown-Sugar-Sweet-Appam Bangsar

Sweet Appam @ Poomy’s Kitchen, Bangsar

Essentially, there are two stalls that sell sweet appam (or hoppers) in Bangsar's Lucky Garden. Since Poomy's Kitchen is located right next to the famous Anuar's Fish Head Curry, they can be considered the...

Spice Garden Express Indian Restaurant @ Bangsar

Bangsar has a quite a number of Indian restaurants to explore and one of them is Spice Garden Express. The first branch actually openend in Genting Highlands in 2003 and they have 4 branches...

Wondermama Restaurant & Cafe @ Bangsar Village 1

As a Nyonya Laksa lover I am glad I found out about Wondermama at Bangsar Village 1. Theirs are definitely one of the better and authentic ones you could find in the city. But...
Oriental Chinese Cuisine Pullman KL Bangsar Dim Sum

Dim Sum @ Oriental Chinese Cuisine, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

Let me begin by saying that authentic dim sum should not be pork free. Although not every dish in dim sum restaurants contains pork, the iconic ones such as char siu bao and siu...

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