Sun Huat Kee Bangsar Prawn Mee

Sun Huat Kee @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

When Bangsar is mentioned, we think of the posh cafes and classy restaurants. But there are also plenty of inexpensive food in this neighborhood and more importantly, they taste good too. Some of the...

Auntie Christina Sarawak Laksa @ Kedai Makanan Nam Chun, Bangsar

This time I went to Bangsar for Auntie Christina Sarawak Laksa, which many claim is be the best Sarawak Laksa in Klang Valley. Kolo Mee aside, Sarawak Laksa is another hawker food from Sarawak...

Halal Seafood and Crab @ Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant, One Bangsar

**Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant is no longer in business** Thanks to KampungBoyCityGal, I got to tag along for an invited dinner at Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant. It is a HALAL classy seafood restaurant that have...
Hong Kong HotPot Bangsar Telawi Steamboat

Hong Kong HotPot @ Telawi Square, Bangsar

Bangsar is probably the last place you'd think of going for steamboat. But as long as Hong Kong HotPot is open, there's always a reason to come here to enjoy a steaming hot meal.

Cava Restaurant & Bar @ The Bangkung Row, Bangsar

Last year I took SL to Opus - an Italian restaurant at The Bangkung Row to celebrate her birthday. This year, as much as I tempted to bring her to the same restaurant again...

Banquet – Most Overrated Restaurant @ Bangsar Village 2?

If you ask me if there's any overrated restaurant at Bangsar, I will tell you it's Banquet without even have to think. I understand that Banquet is one of the most popular restaurant at...

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