Sun Sea Pork Noodles with Seafood

Seafood Pork Noodles @ Sun Sea, Taman OUG

On a normal day, it is not unusual to see a bowl of pork noodles on every table in Sun Sea coffee shop. What makes the pork noodles here different (not better) from the rest is that they also incorporate seafood into the dish. When my noodle arrived it looked so darn impressive that even the patrons seated next to us walked over and took photos of it.

Penang Curry Mee @ Sun Sea Kopitiam, OUG

The search is over, I have found the most authentic Penang Curry Mee in KL, and it's at OUG's Sun Sea Kopitiam. It is also called Kuantan Road Penang Curry Mee, as the brothers who operate the stall used to live at the eponymous street in Penang.

Meng Kee You Tiao @ Happy Garden

A few meters down the street from is Meng Kee You Tiao, another popular eatery along Happy Garden's Wai Sek Kai. In the morning, this space is actually occupied by Phang Key dim sum to seat their customers. When noon comes, Meng Kee takes over to set up their fried fritters and dessert stall.
龙师父(辉记)港式竹升面 Bamboo Wantan Mee

Long Si Fu (Fai Kei) Bamboo Wantan Mee @ Happy Garden

To my knowledge, there's not a single stall or restaurant in Kepong that is able to churn out high quality wantan mee such as this - that kinda makes me sad and jealous of the people who stay around this area. If I am a resident of Happy Garden, I could really see myself frequenting Fai Kei 龙师父(辉记)港式竹升面 for breakfast and lunch.

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