Dok Kae Bi Korean BBQ Buffet @ Kuchai Lama

** Restaurant has closed down permanently ** Dok Kae Bi is the latest Korean BBQ buffet restaurant to open in Kuchai Lama. For those who are familiar with this suburb, Dok Kae Bi actually replaced...

Goon Wah Restaurant (Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles) @ Kuchai Lama

Goon Wah is an extremely popular restaurant at Kuchai Lama that specializes in their Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles, a dish they proudly claim as a self-creation. Goon Wah initially started out as a...

Cao Cao BBQ Lamb and Wantan Mee @ Jalan Kuchai Lama

In Kuchai Lama there's a hawker stall called Cao Cao specialized in selling BBQ Lamb. Yes, you're seeing this right, the hawker stall actually shares the name with a Three Kingdom's warlord lol. It's a...

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