Pretz n’ Beanz cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

Pretz n' Beanz is one of the more family friendly cafes in Solaris Mont Kiara. As the name suggests, soft pretzel and coffee are their main offerings. This cheerful and cozy cafe is usually packed especially if it's a weekend morning, that's when you will lots of families enjoying early breakfast and brunch.

Delicious Ramen @ Menya Kamikaze, 1 Mont Kiara

1 Mont Kiara is a small shopping mall but here you will find a couple of interesting independent restaurants. When we stumbled on Menya Kamikaze we thought it was just another ramen joint. Furthermore...
Ramen Izakaya Kazushi Mont Kiara

Ramen Izakaya Kazushi @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

Ramen Izakaya Kazushi's owner is probably an ex-footballer who played for the Japanese national team. Either that, or he's an avid fan and collector of memorabilia and signed collectibles of the said team. From what we saw that night, this casual eatery is popular with Japanese expats hanging around after work.
Omaya Korean Restaurant KL Army Shimson Stew

Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken & Dak Galbi @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Thanks to Omaya's strong social media presence, this workshop themed restaurant is without a doubt one of the hottest Korean eateries in KL now. When we dropped by their branch at Solaris Mont Kiara...
Thailicious Solaris Mont Kiara

Thailicious – Boat Noodle & Thai Street Food @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Remember when boat noodle was the craze of the town? If you are still have the hankering for it, Thailicious cafe is worth dropping by because they serve one of the best boat noodle...
Doma Modern Korean Fried Chicken Mont Kiara

Doma Modern Korean @ Shoplex Mont Kiara

If you are a Korean Fried Chicken lover, do know that Doma's KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) is 50% off for half a chicken every Tuesday. Their menu also offers BBQ pork ribs, Bingsu and other dishes you'd expect to see at a typical Korean joint.

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