T.G.I. Fridays @ Queensbay Mall

THIS RESTAURANT IS NON-HALAL!Recently I got a lot of hits from Google for TGI Fridays and Queensbay searches. Mostly because of a SmallTalk Queensbay post I made few weeks ago. This is the first...

1901 Hot Dog

When I first saw 1901 Hot Dog, I thought it's a US-based fast food franchise. But it turns out that 1901 is actually a local franchise started back in 1997. The founders are Tengku...

Siam Express @ Queensbay

If there is a list of restaurants doomed to fail because of bad management and service, Siam Express will definitely be on it.As seen from this, Siam Express has an outlet each in...

Beard Papa’s and Queensbay Mall

It has been approximately 1 week since Queensbay Mall opened its doors to shoppers in Penang. Since then I have been there for 5 times! Once even before it opened, just to have a...

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