Yuk Sou Hin CNY Set Menu @ WEIL Hotel, Ipoh

With the opening of Yuk Sou Hin (玉寿轩) at WEIL Hotel, Ipohians now have the chance to savour authentic, contemporary Cantonese cuisine prepared by Chinese Master Chef Chung Ho Shi. Hong Kong born Chef...
362 Gunung Rapat Coconut Husk Heong Peah

362 Heong Peah @ Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

If Gunung Rapat is famous for anything, it has to be Heong Peah (Heong Peng) - literally translated to fragrant biscuits. These round and flaky pastries are filled with a sweet and chewy malt...

Ipoh Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee

On the way to Penang from KL, we stopped by in Ipoh Town for some white coffee. This time we were smart, we went earlier and arrived at around 5pm. Finally we managed to...

Famous Hakka Mee @ Hugh Low Street, Ipoh

I first discovered Hakka Mee as a teenager at Petaling Street more than ten years ago. That time, its unique savoury flavor struck my palate because we never had this kind of noodle in...

Toasted Bread @ Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop, Ipoh Old Town

After having Char Koay Teow at Nam Heong, we went to the Sun Yuan Foong coffee shop just opposite for a second round of white coffee as well as some toasts. Well, we initially...

Guan Heong Biscuit Shop @ Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh

In conjunction with GUAN HEONG's 100 years anniversary, they were recently are awarded with "The Brand Laureate Best Brand Award 2017-2018" (Biscuit & Confectionery) on 9 Feb 2018. Desserts and pastries are the common souvenirs...

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