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My Kuching, Sarawak Trip

Top Spot Seafood Food Court @ Kuching

Rooftop dining is not uncommon for fine dining restaurants and bars. But what about seafood in a hawker setting? Well, in Kuching there's this place called Top Spot Food Court where half a dozen...

Mee Sapi / Mee Kolok Haji Salleh @ Sepinang Sari Cafe, Jalan Satok Kuching

Kolo Mee could very well be the most common food in Kuching - probably even true for the entire Sarawak. You will find it being sold for breakfast, lunch and dinner at any every...

Kolo Mee @ Sin Lian Shin, Kuching

It's not hard to see why Sin Lian Shin's Kolo Mee holds a legendary status as one of the best among the Kuching folks. What's not to like about the thin, springy noodles tossed...

Sio Bee, The Kuching Siu Mai!

In Kuching Sio Bee is a popular street dish that can be found easily. The word Sio Bee is in Hokkien. It is also fondly known as Siu Mai in Cantonese to us from...

Teh C Peng

What is teh-c-peng in East Malaysia and how is it different from West Malaysia's teh peng? Well, our usual cup of teh is done by mixing tea and condensed milk, but teh-c uses evaporated...

Cat Statues of Kuching

Kuching is also called 'Cats City' or 'City of Cats' for nothing. The cat statues not only gives a unique feel to the city, they are also nice photography subjects. This white cat is...

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