Groovy Sushi Rolls @ SushiGroove, Sunway Pyramid

SushiGroove is an award winning Japanese restaurant famous for their tasty food, especially Groovy Sushis which is unique in presentation and flavor. Besides the menu, what sets SushiGroove apart from the rest is the...

Senjyu Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid – Premium Japanese Kaiten Sushi Restaurant

**The food prices shown in this post were based the last year's menu. Senjyu Sushi's new menu has a more affordable price of Kaiten sushi starting from RM2.I am in the midst of clearing...

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

While I was back working in Penang, there seemed to be a surge in Japanese restaurants in KL and Selangor, among the many is Sushi Zanmai. Before this, I have already read lots of...

J.Co Donuts @ Sunway Pyramid

It's somewhat official: I have run out of food to blog, lol. So, let me dig up a super old entry that I should have post like 4 months ago. Back then, the craze...

Snowy Dessert Home @ Sunway Pyramid

One day when we were shopping at Sunway Pyramid, we felt a little hungry and wanted to eat something to fill our stomachs. While walking around to hunt for food, we saw some pretty...

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