Bawal Power Sempoi Cyberjaya (RM15 seafood set)

Bawal Power Sempoi is where you can enjoy a satisfying and filling lunch for RM15 or less in Cyberjaya. Better still, the meal consists of seafood! Not bad at all considering the location where...

Volcano Shabu Shabu @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

At this time of writing, Volcano Shabu Shabu is the only steamboat option available in Cyberjaya, and a halal one too. So there’s no wonder why they’re one of the busiest restaurants in Shaftsbury Square. We always come here...

Petite Patisserie @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya & 10 Free Frozen Mousse Cakes

**Contest is closed With so many established multinational companies and universities in Cyberjaya, there are bound to be a lot of events and celebrations. And when it comes to birthday occassions, I bet most of...

Chillout Restaurant @ NEO Cyberjaya

Chillout could be the most chic restaurant in Cyberjaya at the moment, and just like the name says the atmosphere here is really chill and inviting making it a great place to hangout. Unfortunately,...

Saba Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant @ Cyberjaya

It's a shame that I have been working in Cyberjaya for over a year and I have yet to post any food in this area. Well, to be honest there are not many great...

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