Gold Bar Beer Dining Tropicana Avenue PJ

Gold Bar Beer Dining @ Tropicana Avenue

As if you need more reasons to have a beer, Gold Bar's menu will also satiate your porcine cravings. Whether it's roast pork, pork chop, BBQ pork knuckle, BBQ ribs, grilled pork neck or pork spring roll - they have it all and more!
Hotpot Kitchen 麻辣香锅 1 Utama

Hotpot Kitchen 麻辣香锅 @ 1 Utama

Hotpot Kitchen specializes in Mala (麻辣) food and you are able to customize the ingredients that will go on your plate. Pick the vegetables and meat you want then choose one of the four available flavors which suits your preferred level of heat.
Warung Atok Char Koay Teow Mutiara Damansara

Warung Atok Char Kuey Teow @ Mutiara Damansara

After some intensive search I finally found a Char Koay Teow (Malay style) stall that's as good, if not better than Mie Cord's. Warung Atok operates at Seri Buluh restaurant and this is their first branch outside JB.
Ah Soon Kor Sabah Noodle Tuaran Mee PJ

Sabah Noodles @ Restaurant Ah Soon Kor, SS3

Sabah hawker foods are pretty rare in Klang Valley and one really needs to know where to find them. There's a restaurant in SS3 called Ah Soon Kor where you can find three iconic Sabahan noodles under the same roof: Tuaran Mee, Beaufort Mee and Sang Nyuk Mee.
Chinese Nasi Lemak Section 17

Chinese Nasi Lemak @ Chan Home Recipe, Section 17 PJ

Chan Home Recipe is a popular economy rice restaurant among those who work in PJ. The place gets really crowded during lunch hour and hundreds of office workers come to get fed. Besides economy rice, a Chinese nasi lemak stall operates at the side and they seem to coexist without any problem.
Ah Wah Hokkien Mee Paramount PJ

Ah Wah Hokkien Mee @ Taman Paramount PJ

Whenever Hokkien Mee is mentioned, there are a handful of familiar names that usually come up. Some of the more established ones are Kim Lian Kee, Damansara Uptown and Ah Wah.

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