Yoke Heng Special Claypot Lou Shu Fan @ Serdang Raya

Few weeks ago, I went to try the famous Claypot Lou Shu Fan at Yoke Heng restaurant, Serdang Raya. Actually, I already knew the restaurant's existence through an ex colleague about 3 years ago....

Pan Mee @ Serdang Raya

I have been using Serdang Raya's road whenever I go to KL. It is an alternative route to avoid any tolls, albeit the occasional jam. Along the road, there is a particular stretch with...

Farmland Porridge Steamboat Restaurant @ Serdang

For those who want to try something different in steamboat rather than using the usual clear broth or tomyam soup for the soup base, porridge steamboat might be a good alternative. It is not...

Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant

"Hoi Tong" is an eat-all-you-can steamboat restaurant located in Bukit Serdang. Siang Leng just submitted her FYP report and we decided to celebrate it. Moreover, we have been on a light diet since last...

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