Anusarn Market Night Bazaar Chiang Mai Thailand

Anusarn Market – Food & Walking Street @ Chiang Mai

Anusarn Market a highly recommended night market to visit in Chiang Mai where you can spend a few good hours just eating and shopping. Not only it's easy to find, it's also open every night so there's no planning ahead required to drop by.
Ruam Mit Ton Lamyai Market Chiang Mai

Ruam Mit @ Ton Lamyai Market, Chiang Mai

Thailand is simply superior when it comes to desserts. Some Thai desserts that we are so accustomed to eating such as mango sticky rice, coconut ice cream and red ruby are easily and readily available over there - either sold in restaurant or by street food vendor. But Ruam Mit is what we really crave (after having something similar in Cambodia and Vietnam) and we always keep an eye out for it.
Dragon Chinese Cruller Chiang Mai

Go Neng’s Thai Donuts @ Ton Lamyai, Chiang Mai

What is known to us as 'cakoi' or 'you tiao' is called Pa Thong Ko in Thailand and it's regarded as a donut instead. The main reason to visit Go Neng's stall is because he makes them into animal shapes. Not just any animal mind you, but dragon, crocodile and even T-Rex! If that's not enough to convince you to come, I don't know what will.
Chiang Mai Women Prison Massage Restaurant

Chiang Mai Women’s Prison Massage, Restaurant & Shop

Women's Prison Massage - it almost feels weird typing these words. But apparently it's a thing in Chiang Mai where you could enjoy a Thai traditional massage performed by female inmates who opted to participate in the prison's job-training and rehab program. The objective of this program is to help the inmates develop relevant skills to secure a job when they're released back into society.
Tharnthong Lodge Restaurant

Lunch at Tharnthong Lodges @ Mae On, Chiang Mai

Among the many the sightseeing tours you can do in Chiang Mai, a trip to Mae Kampong in Mae On district is recommended for those who are looking to escape to a less-touristy place. If you have a private car to ferry you around, you owe it to yourself to drop by Tharnthong Lodges, a nature resort with a great Thai restaurant that's also blessed with a spectacular view of greenery.
Chiang Mai Sukontha Mookata Buffet

Sukontha Mookata Buffet 千人火锅 @ Chiang Mai

If you happen to be in Chiang Mai and looking for a place to enjoy a no frills dinner, I will recommend Sukontha buffet restaurant. Sukontha is supposedly the largest restaurant in Chiang Mai and one of the best places to experience Mookata, a Thai barbecue steamboat. The price is only 209 baht (~RM25) per pax.

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