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Maxims Genting Hotel @ Genting Highlands

Ever wondered what is inside this building at Genting Highlands? For someone who has always stayed in First World Hotel, all I knew about it is that there are some shops and restaurants, a casino and a much classier hotel. And little did I expect I would get a night’s stay at the said hotel, moreover, courtesy of Genting.


I was there recently to help promote their participating restaurantsMIGF menu and a premier room in Maxims Genting Hotel was provided during my short stay. Needless to say I am more than happy about the arrangement, as Genting has always struck me as a company that treats its guests well, true if based on my personal experience dealing with them so far.


Reception and lobby area.

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The Olive (MIGF Festival Menu) @ Maxims Genting, Genting Highlands Resort

A stellar menu specially crafted by Chef Daniel Sheen and his team for MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) 2012 is set to tantalize the taste buds of The Olive‘s diners this October.

Olive Restaurant Genting

This beautiful restaurant located at the luxurious Maxims Genting offers a gastronomic dining experience from the appetizer to the dessert – a meal worthy of memory.

Chef Daniel Sheens

Hailing from Australia, Chef Daniel has roots in Italian cooking and a foundation in French nouvelle cuisine. His mastery in classical techniques and recipes has earned him a position as Chef De Cuisine at the impressive young age of 24. He is also well known for particular care in selecting ingredients to ensure his diners would get the best possible produce in their meals.


We skipped the Amuse Bouche and jumped right into the starter, a signature dish of Chef Daniel he highly recommends known as Portobello Carpaccio Pecorini, Grissini, Balsamic, Soft Herb. This masterpiece is basically Portobello mushroom (marinated in truffle and garlic oil) slices topped with shreds of ewe milk cheese, crunchy bread sticks, black truffle and bitter-sweet tasting herbs. But what really stands out is the balsamic vinegar, which has gone through a long twenty-five years of aging – giving it an incredible blend of intense yet pleasant flavor that lingers.

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Imperial Rama (MIGF Festival Menu) @ Genting Highlands Resort

For MIGF 2012, Imperial Rama of Highlands Hotel invites you for a scrumptious feast of sea and land in a festival menu designed by Chef Eric Lee. His culinary creations are a harmonic confluence of Thai and Chinese cuisines, using the best of both worlds to deliver top notch dishes that keep guests returning time after time.


The meal starts with the Lobster Combination Salad (龙虾柚子沙拉伴宝柠焗龙原), an appetizer fit for a king as a whole Boston Lobster is used to prepare this masterpiece. When designing the festival menu, Chef Eric stayed true to his cooking philosophy by letting the diners experience different styles and flavors in a single dish, giving them the bang for the buck.


Sweet, delicate meat from the lobster claw is used for the lobster salad, a light and refreshing treat with interesting textures from the crunchy fish roe and diced fruits.


What is left of the lobster is the succulent flesh of the tail, which is sautéed until firm then served on a bed of asparagus and wild mushroom slice. A mixture of soya, Teriyaki, lemon juice and Thai chili sauce make up for the Chef’s special sauce, providing a savory flavor with a hint of spiciness that tastes nothing short of delicious.

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