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Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice @ Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson

Food is not the first thing that comes to mind when Port Dickson is mentioned. But in this sleepy town there is a chicken rice stall that you ought to try. I am referring to Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice that was blogged by WMW. Her recommendation was spot on but the lack of direction left us driving in circles looking for this elusive food stall. So do utilize the GPS coordinates I have given at the end of this post.


To be honest, Yit Hin’s chicken rice does not appear appetizing at first glance. It looks very different (from the ones we usually have) too because it is not drizzled with soya sauce and the unforgivingly spicy chilli sauce has a dark brown color instead of the usual bright red. But all that aside, you can’t deny that this is a unique, homely and tasty version of Hainan Chicken Rice you wish you knew existed.

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Curry Chicken Bun Making Process @ Lucky King Bun Factory, Lukut

Before we had Lucky’s ‘Yin Yong’ Bun at the restaurant, we actually went to their factory that morning to see how the buns are produced. I am sure many would assume that the buns are not difficult to make. After all what you need to do is just wrap the dough around the aluminium foil containing the filling and bake it until it is done, right?
Well, you might have guessed the overall process correctly but there are many fine details involved and patience is very important too, as each bun takes about 4 hours to make from scratch.


Firstly, the curries had to be cooked first from as early as 6am because the buns are made fresh daily. The base curry paste used to prepare the curries has more than 20 different ingredients and spices that are slowly simmered and stirred to extract their flavors.



The fillings for the ‘Yin Yong’ bun: Dongpo meat and pork ribs curry.


After transferring the curries into the bowls, they are wrapped carefully so as not to break the fragile grease proof paper.

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Lucky King Bun – Famous Chicken & Pork Ribs Curry Bun @ Lukut, Port Dickson

If you happen to be at Seremban or Port Dickson and looking for food, there is a specialty that you ought to try.


This gigantic bun made by Lucky King Bun is what I am referring to. I have no doubt that it is already well known among Negeri Sembilan folks, but for outstation people and international tourists alike, I think you will find it something interesting and appreciable.
As Malaysians, I believe we have all tried dipping bread into curries when we were kids and we still do it now and then. The idea is outright simple, yet it is satisfyingly delicious. So what Lucky did was improvised on the concept by wrapping the curry inside the bun instead of serving them separately.


Lucky initially started out with three flavors of bun: crab curry, herbal chicken and chicken curry. It was not until recently that the new ‘Yin Yong’ flavor was introduced. And just like the name says, it consists of two different pork dishes within the same bun: pork ribs curry and Dongpo pork (东坡肉). The latter is prepared with half fat and half lean meat and has a combination of sweet and savory flavor, great for those who can’t take spicy food – children for example.
To ensure both the bun and curry taste as good as possible, only high quality ingredients are used and these include imported potatoes and well-known brands of butter and milk just to name a few. Couple that with decades of baking experience, the end product is soft and fluffy inside with a shiny golden-brown thin crust that oozes buttery fragrance. Priced at RM38 each, each bun could be shared among up to 4 people due to its huge size.

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