Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian – Instant Noodle Review

Laksa is my favorite hawker food in Singapore. It is similar to Nyonya Laksa but there's a heavier santan taste while the chilli paste is aromatic with an unmistakable umami flavor of dried shrimps....

Sincere Nest 诚心燕 Bottled Bird’s Nest Drink

In traditional Chinese medicine, the bird's nest is one of the most popular and coveted tonics. It has been consumed for centuries for its supposed health-giving properties. Besides, it makes a good gift may...

Aroi Penang Traditional White Curry Noodle – Instant Noodle Review

This is the first of my series of review of the instant noodles found in Malaysia. Each bowl of noodles is prepared according to the instructions printed on the packaging especially on the exact...

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