Earn Cash Back with Lazada via ShopBack Malaysia

Like most online Malaysian shoppers, I also shop with Lazada. Recently I have been buying a lot of pet products from Lazada because they do free delivery and their prices are slightly lower than what I typically get at other pet stores - may it be physical or online ones. So if you are doing the same thing as me, you are also a smart consumer because you compare the prices before you buy. But how do you save even more? Well, simply shop through the online cashback site, ShopBack, a website that returns you a portion of your purchase in cold hard cash!

Introducing SixCents – A No Frills, Free Voucher Website

What if you could get a free beer by showing a printed voucher, or just by flashing it from an iPhone app? For those without an iPhone you don't have to fret, as the...
Stuffiee-One App To Stuff It All

STUFFIEE – The One App to Stuff It All 

The best product recommendations always come from people you trust - may it be family or friends. For example, if you are looking for a new place to eat, you would just refer to...

Fisherman’s Cove (15% Discount with OffPeak.my) @ Starhill Gallery

Is GST hindering you from enjoying a meal out and a few drinks after a long day at work? The good news is, you could still enjoy savings on your F&B bill if you...
Is buyatimeshare.com a scam? website review

BuyaTimeshare.com Review – Is it a Scam?

If you vacation often, there's a good chance you've been approached by someone on the street offering you an extravagant gift, such as a RM500 cash voucher, in exchange for attending a one- or two-hour timeshare presentation. It's easy to think these offers are too good to be true, but are they really scams? Let's find out.

Traveloka – The App for your Flight and Hotel Booking Needs

Launched in 2012 in Indonesia, Traveloka.com is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platform in Southeast Asia and they aim to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry through technology. In other words, users like us get the best deals available.

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