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Steamed Sang Yu (Snakehead) @ Yap Yin Bak Kut Teh, Seri Kembangan

When I was still working at KL, one of the restaurants I had always wanted to try was Yap Yin Bak Kut Teh at Seri Kembangan. Besides being near to where I stayed, Yap Yin’s famous Steamed Sang Yu (Snakehead) also stirred up my curiosity, well mainly because I never had any steamed Snakehead before. And I heard it was really good too!
But before I continue further, I just want to apologize to my makan buddies for bringing them here. You guys know who you are if you’re reading this. Anyway I am saying that because the food we had that night was pretty average with only one or two dishes really stood out. And personally I was quite disappointed with the Steamed Snakehead. It didn’t quite lived up to its reputation.


Steamed Sang Yu @ RM36. The only great thing about this dish was the fish’s freshness. It was still alive before being cooked, and you can see them still alive swimming around in the aquariums at the restaurant. The Snakehead’s flesh was nicely sliced into bite pieces that can be easily picked up using a chopstick, hence making it a lot easier and less messier to enjoy. But still, you need to lookout for the tiny bones that may still be present in each slice of meat. Continue reading

Awesome Roast Duck Rice @ Kedai Makanan Wing Heong, Seri Kembangan

If you are visiting Seri Kembangan for the first time and I happen to be bringing you around for food, there are three places we have to go: Hoi Tong eat all you can BBQ and Steamboat restaurant, Yap Beng Dry Bak Kut Teh and Wing Heong Barbecue (siu lap) restaurant.


Wing Heong remains my favorite place to have roast duck rice. For me, their roast duck is fabulous and reasonably priced too. A lunch here costs in the range of RM3 to RM10 per person, depending on the amount of meat and the cut ordered.


Roast duck, the must try item here. Gotta love the flavor and juiciness present in the roast duck. Feel free to ask for more gravy or self service for it if they are busy. Wing Heong’s busiest time is none other than lunch time, which is from 11am to 2pm (closed on Tuesday). Sometimes they are still open at 5pm, provided there is still any meat left. Continue reading

Best Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah in Seri Kembangan

One of the nicest food not to be missed in Seri Kembangan has to be this Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah stall. I still remember how I discovered this fabulous nasi lemak.
One evening I was planning to have my dinner at the food court across the road where this nasi lemak stall was operating. As soon as I got out of my car, I smelt something very fragrant – so fragrant that I could not help but to trace it.
And you guessed it right, the amazing smell came all the way from the stall right across the road! Needless to say I abandoned my original plan and bought a pack to try lol. Since then I have been a regular customer (at least twice a week!)


Due to its rather hidden location, not many people know about this nasi lemak stall. Not even those staying nearby. So, let’s hope this post will help to give the exposure it really deserves. Simply because I have tried many other nasi lemak ayam berempah, nasi ayam dara in the area and none of their taste can come close to this one. That’s a small mountain of fried chicken (ayam berempah), freshly deep fried everyday.


Although it is called “Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah”, the rice is actually just normal white rice instead of coconut milk rice. Don’t ask me why, ask the owner lol. Fairus seen here is responsible for preparing your nasi lemak.

Continue reading